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Back to 2018, our co-founder Mohamed Belghith, occupational therapist at Sfax University hospital, conducted some successful experiments with free downloadable VR software. Though the results were encouraging, Mr Belghith was in lack of medically-oriented scenarios and medical KPIs describing the patient’s recovery process. He came across Mohamed Kharrat (PhD in ICT and serial entrepreneur) and Kais Siala (ICT engineer) to develop custom medical application. We participated at the last minute in Hacking Health Hackathon (Sfax, October 2018) and we had won the special jury prize. Amal XR was born. We began with fully immersive display and depth camera technology. For several reasons (technology accessibility and ease of use), we made in 2020 a pivot for AI tracking technology.


Amal XR Develops a rehabilitation solution based on Virtual Reality. The tool is intended for people with physical disabilities (stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, etc.) through funny simulation exercises. The solution is intended for practitioners in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and home therapy using tablets, computers or smart TVs. 

The solution detects patient movement and converts it into actions in a virtual world with medical scenarios set up. At the end of its use, a report including the essential parameters will be generated by the solution which makes it possible to follow the patient’s condition.


According to the WHO, “more than one billion people, or about 15% of the world’s population, currently have a disability, and this number is increasing in part due to the aging of the population and the increase in prevalence of non-communicable diseases”. The traditional rehabilitation process is generally boring for the patient and is therefore slow and expensive with an inherent risk of abandonment. Recently, Virtual Reality (combined with classic rehabilitation) has made it possible to speed up the rehabilitation process by up to two to three times. It gives patients the opportunity to practice daily activities in a virtual world adapted to their pathologies.

Our solution

Existing solutions on the market use specific hardware for detecting patient movement. These specific hardwares are not always accessible (especially in remote regions) and they are also dependent on the distribution chain. Our 2D tracking solution uses the camera of a tablet or a laptop PC for motion detection and the analysis of the data collected is carried out by the same tablet or laptop PC. This technology can be very accessible to therapists, even in underprivileged and remote regions, which could allow us a significant penetration of our solution in the market. 

Our solution is cross-platform with LED TV or tablet display (this mode is innovative and portable). This specificity facilitates home treatment and tele-rehabilitation in the future. We are also in the process of developing our 3D tracking hardware technology for greater motion tracking precision, particularly in 3D in space for the purpose of evaluation, as well as the integration of haptic feedback for a more realistic sensation.


Our Team

* Dr. Mohamed Kharrat (CEO), Serial entrepreneur and IOT expert, he holds PhD from the University of Tokyo from the Department of Applied Computing with research in the field of artificial intelligence and wearable technology. He has 10 years of experience in innovative ventures development. 

* Kais Siala (CTO), ICT engineer from Sup’Com, multimedia specialty. Extensive experience in computer vision and certification and project management. He holds 15 years of technical experience. 

* Mohamed Belghith (Chief Medical Officer), holds a master degree in occupational therapy from University of Sfax with extensive experience in various hospital settings in Tunisia and abroad. He holds 10 years of experience in the medical field. 

* Dr. Mariem Riani (Clinical Study responsible), holds a PhD degree in Immunology, URCA University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. 

* Mahdi Kharrat (Marketing manager), License in Marketing and Master in Quality from University of Sfax. He hold 2 years of experience in marketing and visual design. 

* Mohamed Bassem Mazghouni (software developer), hold BS degree in software development. He hold 2 years of experience in game development.

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HQ: Gremda Road Km4 Sfax, Tunisia
R&D: Hamza Ibn Abtelmottaleb Av Menzah 6, Ariana, Tunisia

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